Camping Pitches



Standard Pitch


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We have 30 plots, of about 70m2, with electrical connection 10A and water.

To get more shade on the plots until the trees grow a bit more, we will place some triangles-sail.

If you want more space, due the pitches are not delimited by any fence or bushes, there is the possibility to rent two pitches, one next to the other. the price will be the one corresponding according to the number of adults and children, the amount of the first pitch, and the amount of the second pitch with a discount.

The pitches are designed for tent (+ car), caravan (+ car), van, or motorhome.


Pitch Plus


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We have 5 pitches, about 100-110m2, with 10A electric connection and water.

Mobile gas barbecue, free of charge, but on request. To share between two pitches plus.

The pitches plus are designed for large camping tent (+ car), caravan (+ car), van, or motorhome.


Standard Pitch



We have camping tents that you can find mounted, in case you do not want to bring your own, or if you do not have it.

We can put them in a standard pitch or in a pitch plus

They are rented WITHOUT beds or any kind of interior equipment.

Maximum capacity, 5 people. 2 rooms: one for 2 people (140 * 210) and one for 3 (210 * 210). 5m2 common room.

They can not be placed on a pitch where there is already another tent, caravan, motorhome or van, or in the gardens of the accommodation.

Long stays


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