General booking Conditions

To make a booking at Camping Rural Montori must accept the following terms and conditions of reservation:


1. The payment of the deposit (Down payment) implies the acceptance of the booking conditions and the conditions of internal rules of the campsite, both published on the website.
2.The reservation is personal and not transferable, and is considered firm after receiving the down payment and confirmed by the campsite. On arrival, must submit the identity document or passport at the reception, as well as their companions. Only people registered on arrival will be entitled to book accommodation.
3. Any modification of the reservation can only be made upon written request to Camping Rural Montori will try to respond to requests for changes, subject to availability. For the change to be effective, will be approved and confirmed in writing by the booking department.
4. We do not reserve a specific number of accommodation or accommodations or pitches side by side. However, if you have any preference and suggest it to the observations of the reservation, without the guarantee of confirmation, we will try to do everything as possible to bring out. On your arrival you will know your exact accommodation or pitch.
5. Because it is a family campsite, in case you want to come in a group, you must have the express permission of the booking department. Customers do not come with a family unit (or equivalent) must explicitly indicate it when making their reservation request. If customers traveling in a group, hadn’t warned to Camping Rural Montori, this reserves the right to invalidate the booking and deny them admission.
6. Clients under 18 must stay with an adult who will be responsible.
7. The occupation can not exceed, in any case, the number of people allowed in the hosting model, because of security and insurance, it’s strictly prohibited. Babies and children count as persons in their entirety. In each plot, the maximum is 6 people, including babies.
8. Pets are allowed in some accommodation of the Camping Rural Montori, and only one maximum per accommodation/pitch. Dogs of race considered PP (potentially dangerous) according to law, not allowed. The client who comes with a dog is committed to: a) Take the leash around the grounds of the campsite. It must be borne in mind that, in the plots (both housing and camping), are not closed, and therefore, your pet should always be tied when outside the accommodation. b) To have an updated health card and to have an insurance that covers compensation for damage to third parties (be people, animals or other material items). c) Never leave your dog alone or in accommodation or pitch, caravan or tent. d) do not disturb other guests staying, with barking or other actions.e) If the dog does their needs within the grounds of the campsite, the dog owner agrees to collect it, and leave and clean it. f) Failure to comply with any of the above rules, the customer agrees to immediately leave the premises of camping with their dog, without claiming any compensation or amount of the stay not completed. You must have reported that your pet accompanies you, even in the accommodations or parcels where they are allowed.
9. Not allowed any visits. Camping Rural Montori has smaller dimensions, and its facilities are for the exclusive use of guests allowed at the time of reservation and registered on arrival.
10. The additional vehicles not included in the model of accommodation/pitch, can stay in the area parking of the campsite, previous payment of the tariff in force.
11. In case the booked accommodation/ pitch is not occupied on the arrival day, or at most the next day before 12:00h, and if it hasn’t been notified in writing of the delay, the reservation will be annulled automatically. The campsite reserves the right to re-rent the property. There won’t refund, under any circumstances in case of late arrival or in case of early departure.
12. Camping Rural Montori tries to keep abreast of the contents of the website, but it could be that there are some typo or some data that was not updated while user queries. That is why it must keep in mind that the contents are merely informative and not binding.
13. Payments:
– First payment: Deposit at the moment of booking, 50% of the amount. It can be done by credit card when booking online through the website, or by bank transfer, which must be made within three business days. In the latter case, you will be notified by e-mail when you have done it.
– Final payment: on arrival, remaining 50%. Cash or credit card. Checks are not accepted.
14. Securety deposit: You will be asked for a deposit for each accommodation, by withholding with a credit card, to cover possible deterioration or damage to the property. This deposit will be returned, if applicable, as a maximum, within 7 days after inspection of the accommodation. In case of damage or any other anomaly, will be billed accordingly.
15. In case of cancellation, Camping Rural Montori respond with the following conditions:
• Bank fees will be paid by the client.
• If the cancellation occurs before 30 days of arrival, the first payment will be refunded.
• If the cancellation occurs between 0 and 29 days before the date of the arrival, there won’t be entitled to any refund.
The cancellation of your booking must be requested in writing at: with subject: Cancellation and the reservation number.
You will also indicate the reasons for the cancellation. If the reservation had been made by credit card will be returned, if applicable, according to the cancellation policy, the appropriate amount through this medium. If it had made through bank transfer, you must indicate the IBAN number of your own.

16. The schedules of arrivals and departures:
– in medium and high season:
– Arrivals from 16:00 – 20: 00h. Arrivals out of these hours must be communicated
– Departures: before 10: 00h. Departures before 9: 00h, must be communicated 24h in advance.
– in low season:
– to confirm
17. Prices don’t include towels, so the client must bring their own. Upon reservation, you can rent them at the campsite, if desired. Sheets included (beds not made on arrival).
18. The accommodation must be returned clean as they found them on arrival. Otherwise, it will be removed at least 50 € of the amount of the deposit.
19. It is forbidden to install tents in the parcel of the accommodation or its surroundings.
20. The Campsite can not guarantee shade on the plot. The measurements of the different types of plot are approximate average values. All plots have water and electricity supply 10A.
21. The price of the plot includes the above services and: a Motorhome or car + caravan or car + tent or van. Any other vehicle or tent must be paid according to the current rate.
22. Only the designated plot upon arrival can be occupied.
23. Maintenance of the plot. The client will be responsible for keeping their pitch clean during their entire stay. Placing ropes on the trees is not allowed.

Internal rules of the Camping Rural Montori

Any person entering the Camping Rural Montori is obliged to comply with these regulations of internal regime. Any violation of this regulation may result in the IMMEDIATE EXPULSION OF CAMPING.

1. The access to the Camping Rural Montori and the use of its services is reserved for those who have hired their stay in it. No entry is allowed to people not staying at the campsite, therefore, visits are not allowed. The facilities of the Camping Rural Montori are small, and are for the exclusive use of the lodged clients.
2. Entry or stay is not allowed for persons under 18 years old, who are not accompanied by an adult who is responsible.
3. Camping Rural Montori direction reserves the right of admission and cancellation of contract customers who disturb the peace or fail to elementary rules of coexistence, or do not respect the internal regulations.
4, The client must prove both his identity and his companions, with DNI, passport or equivalent documentation, and sign the necessary documents for registration.
5. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a person in charge of all campsite facilities, especially toilets, swimming pools, and playground. The adult tutors of the minors will be the final responsible for the minors themselves, as well as the damages they may cause to the facilities.
6, Pets must have been previously accepted, under Booking Conditions.
7. The hours of silence are from 23:00 – 07:30. Prohibited the circulation of vehicles inside the Campsite in this schedule (allowed only until the parking next to reception). The clients’s rest will be respected at all times and especially at night.
8. The maximum speed allowed within the campsite is 10 km / h. The vehicle will be parked at the place indicated for each accommodation, or plot, not being able to occupy other places even if they are empty, without the reception permit.
9. It is forbidden to make a fire, make charcoal barbecues, etc. Making fire is a matter of complaint to the competent authorities and expulsion from the campsite. In case of fire and cause material and / or human damage, the client responsible for the fire will assume the consequences and responsibilities derived.
10. Garbage should be put in bags and taken to the corresponding garbage containers. It is not allowed to leave the bags on the floor. We ask for the collaboration of our customers in the selective collection of waste (paper and cardboard / glass / plastic containers and cans / organic matter). If you have a special waste (batteries, light bulbs, etc.), please inform reception.
11. It is recommended not to leave valuables or large amounts of money in the accommodations. The Camping Rural Montori is not responsible for thefts, thefts or damages that campers may suffer.
12. Barbecues, for community use, should be left clean once used, so that they can make use of them, other customers, as well as leaving the playground orderly.
13. We would appreciate that the last ones to make use of the community porch, turn off the lights, the TV and the heaters, if applicable.
14. If you use a fridge and / or freezer for community use of the porch, it must be left in the same conditions of cleanliness and order in which it has been left. What is inside the refrigerator and freezer has an owner, so please respect it, and it is advisable to put the name. Do not leave products, especially started, once the stay.
15. Clients will make rational and responsible use of water and energy, as well as camping facilities and accommodation. The use of the washing machine is free, but it is necessary to use it in a responsible manner (fill in the washing machine, use the appropriate program, etc.) Respect plants, flowers, trees and shrubs, avoiding actions that damage them.
16. For those accommodations that have air conditioning, responsible use is also requested. It is reported that there are counters for each accommodation, and if there is excessive use, an additional cost may be applied. If you go to the beach or if you go on a sightseeing tour, etc., we ask you to turn off the devices of air conditioning.
17. Smoking is not allowed inside the accommodation, neither in the children’s area, nor in the pool. Do not throw cigarette butts on the floor.
18. If you move furniture or utensils from one accommodation to another, or to the community area, it will be returned to their site.
19. The campsite is not responsible for theft, accident or damage to things or people. – Damage caused by force majeure, such as weather (storms, hail, wind, etc.) or fires.
20. ABANDONED MATERIAL. All equipment that is installed and vacated in a plot / accommodation, after the time of departure, without permission of the reception / direction, will be considered abandoned. The staff of the campsite will withdraw it and use it freely, without any responsibility in case of loss or deterioration.
21. The campsite has special dumps for chemical toilets. It is strictly forbidden to be dumped in any other place. Clothes and crockery should be cleaned in the proper place, and not in drinking water sources.
22. Any irregularity in the operation of the campsite, we ask that you inform the reception in order to resolve it as soon as possible.
23. Any service provided by the campsite, without being required by the current tourist regulations, has the character of absolute voluntariness, so that you can suspend your service totally or partially at any time.
24. Schedule: – Pool: 9:00 – 23:00



that in case of not fulfilling, the client will be invited to leave the camping, or in case of not doing it will be expelled.
Not allowed:
– making fire or unauthorized barbecues
– making noise repeated (TV, music, shouting or very loud conversations)
– introduce unauthorized persons to the campsite
– not repeatedly comply with the regulations of domestic animals.

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